Orthopedic insoles & appliances

We offer diagnosis and medical or/and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower and structures of the leg. 

Orthopedic insoles & appliances will reduce discomfort, pain and calluses. Such insole has zones of support and cushioning designed to retrain your muscles and tendons to move in a more natural way. To make sure they work properly they has to designed by a doctor to control the alignment and function of your foot. These orthotics treat or prevent abnormal motion, or rolling, of the foot, by redistributing the pressure on the bottom of your feet.

Your body needs time to adjust to use of orthopedic insoles & appliances. You should wearing them and increasing the wear time in small amounts until you can wear them all day long. Most our patients wear the orthotics full time after three to five days of adjustments. Sometimes it may take a few weeks to be able to wear the insoles for a full day, so be patient. But in case, you are still unable to wear them for a minimum of eight hours after four weeks contact us for an appointment.

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